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PeN-LAB Full Package DAI

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Works with a set of acquisition board by directly accessing them over the appropriate driver.
Support for up to 64 analog channels, movement and heave measurement sensors and pump strokes and rotary table revolution sensors.
Real-time raw and calculated data collection
Real-time presentation
Subsequent processing and data interpretation
Playback presentation
Three independent mathematical models for lag values calculation with user
Customizable correction factors:
- Mud lag calculation
- Gas lag Calculation
- Sample lag calculation
Real-time hydraulics calculation
Real-time vertical depth
Real-time overpressure parameters calculations ("d" exponent, Sigma, pore pressure, fracture gradient, ECD, etc.
Values can be displayed In user selectable/customizable output units.
Two independent depth databases that are simultaneously being recorded during system real-time operation:
Metric database - records based on metric intervals
Foot database - records based on foot intervals
Two types of time databases that are simultaneously being recorded:
- Archive database, - 24 hours of records created for every day
- Circulating buffer - records for last 24 hours organized as FIFO - (First in, first out)
Drilling operation status detection and determination
Interface for data based on W.I.T.S records
Interfaces for various gas chromatograph types.
Data Link Server serves data to remote monitoring site that has Data Link Client companion product
Alphanumerical and graphical (strip chart) printing with user customizable output and (optionally) automatic, status dependent, output definition selection,
Alpha-numerical and graphical display with user customizable output and (optionally) automatic, status dependent, output definition selection

Minimum system requirements

Hardware: Processor Core 2 1,5 GHz and higher, 2 GB RAM, 250GB HDD, 100MBit LAN
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7

Dodatne Informacije

Proizvođač N-Lab
Tip instrumenta Softver za istraživanje i eksplotaciju nafte i gasa
Podgrupa instrumenta Softver za monitoring bušenja, otpadnih bazena i off-line analize

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